Love is Owl We Need

Why I’m Anonymous & Why an Owl?

Why I’m Anonymous…

I’ve gone rogue.  A blogger in the past- heck I’ve had live journals and blogger and word press off and on for over 10 years.  But this time I want to get authentic.  I want to get real.  The problem?  My day job in the internet biz makes it really difficult to be authentic.  When literally everyone you work with is online, it’s hard to be personal.  So I’m just one of the nameless masses, talking about life, love and wine. But more importantly, I’ve decided that if I want to document this life, and do so publicly and authentically, it is important that I respect those I do love and even those whom I may criticize- because they do not deserve the world all up in their business. So this blog is that document.

Why an Owl…

Owls are amazing creatures- and I’m sure there is a wikipedia page that can tell you all about why they are so awesome.  But owls are really very meaningful to my family.  It starts in a weird way, with my Great Grandfather’s family being master outdoorsmen/women.  In the household there were several animals that were shot and stuffed.  And while many did not get passed down- an owl is the one thing that stayed with generations of our family.  A great horned owl that influenced my first word.   So the word owl, to me, is a loaded word.  Aside from the wisdom and grace that they typically portray (as well as their fierce hunting skills) they also represent family, love, and language to me.   A perfect place to start for this endeavor.


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