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Thirsty Thursday- Pheasant Hallow Midnight Medley

So I think I’ve decided that Thursdays are going to be wine reviews.  I love wine- wine is delicious and amazing.
I’m going to start with a little known wine, that a friend from college recommended.  It’s called Midnight Medley and it’s from a small winery in Southern Illinois called Pheasant Hallow Winery.

The winery is a rustic little place with a gorgeous fireplace for the winter.

Midnight Medley according to their website is: “A pleasant semi-sweet blend of strawberry, raspberry, and black cherry.”

The wine, in my opinion is definitely on the sweet side of semi-sweet (but that is typical of most wines from Southern Illinois).  It is great chilled or room temperature and perfect for summer barbecues.  While this wine cannot be found in most stores, if you can find somewhere close to you that sells it, I highly recommend checking it out.


Recipes and Last meals

I really want to thank everyone for their kind words in regards to my post yesterday.  Since I promised I was going to try and be as authentic as possible that meant that if I felt like I have to write about it, than that is what I do.  This blog is for me to really be me and to make sure that I am being true to myself and what I am feeling and want to talk about. Schatz has a blog (at my urging) and he is so confident and unselfconscious in his blogging that he posts right then and there on Facebook.  It’s one of the things I love about him.

But on to less depressing topics-

So- I’m sure many of you have Pinterest accounts (and if you don’t- you need to find a friend who does and get yourself all up on that site).  Pinterest is a social sharing application that allows you to browse and capture whatever your heart desires in an image heavy way.

For me, I use Pinterest primarily to sort recipes that I find in my day job wandering the blogs of the internet. And today’s NaBloPoMo prompt revolves around what your last meal would be if you could have it.  While I always dislike this question, because really- I’m much more swayed by moods or food types than I am a particular meal.  Maybe I just haven’t met that one true love of a particular food item.  Or maybe it’s that I love too many of them to choose (I’d prefer to go with the latter- because let’s face it.  Food is too delicious not to enjoy).  At any rate, I do know that a main course would have to include soup of some sort.  One of my favorites I found on Pinterest is a recipe that mirrors my favorite soup from the Olive Garden (where I no longer eat, because I’ve gone Gluten Free).

The amazing recipe was found on Annie’s Eats and was just as delicious as the in restaurant version.  Here’s a link to her wonderful site and pictures of the soup.

I would also make my favorite brownies of all time, which also happen to be Gluten Free.  The week I decided to go GF, my mom happened to see this recipe on the Steven and Chris Show.  We made them that weekend, and that gave me the courage to know I could go GF and still have yummy chocolaty baked goodness.
These two items would likely be on my menu for a last meal…

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