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It’s cold and rainy

And at the end of the day, I’ve been on the road too long today. I’m cuddled up next to my puppy under blankets because I’m keeping the heat bills low. Wishing that I had more money for this Christmas, but being happy that I at least have the best present at all, my schatz!


Making my 101 in 1001 List

So today, I stumbled upon the 101 in 1001 or Day Zero concept while on BlogHer.  I decided to look into it, and the next thing I knew, I was creating a list of things I wanted to do.  I’ve created a so called “bucket list” in the past, but in all honesty, like they Dayzero site says, those are tricky because they often don’t have a specific amount of time attached to them.  And I tend to agree.  Since I didn’t have a time line for my bucket list, I really didn’t have any reason to do any of the things on it quickly.  I also had no where to keep myself accountable to anything.

But I’m posting the info here- for everyone to see.  I’ll officially start my list on Nov. 11.  This is giving me a few days to compile a full list before I start.

Totally looking forward to the next 1001 days.



Sunday Bible Verse

John 17:20 (A Prayer by Jesus for Believers)

20 “I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all who will ever believe in me through their message.
21 I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me.

Lazy Saturday

Spent hiking, going to wineries, and driving with my Schatz…no better way to spend the day!

The Test Came Back!

And it was negative for Cancer. Right now, they think Dad is in the clear. Could be that in 6 months it is Cancer (apparently there are cancers that do that?), but for right now, he is cancer free. He does, however, have MRSA in his lungs.

I’m saying a quick prayer of thanks that it wasn’t worse and hoping that in six months we will know for sure it’s all okay!

Love is all you need

Sometimes- people don’t really know what love means until they loose it, others once they have it.  I’ve always known what love from my family felt like (or more specifically Mom and Dad- who is actually my stepdad).  They’ve always been great about showering us with love and attention.  But I wasn’t sure I would ever find a guy that would be able to show love.  In my early twenties, those first fragile years of having a relationship, all I saw in the “I love yous” was manipulations, empty promises, and at the end of the day- broken hearts.  Now, it’s not like I had a ton of relationships- I really was quick to see through some of the “frauds”, but at the end of the day, I saw a lot of friends fall in and out of “love.

And then I met HIM.  My Schatz.  Schatz is the treasure of my heart (haha- German nerds, you’ll see what I did there).   He has swept me completely and utterly off my feet.  He didn’t do it with diamonds or expensive things (though any girl, should of course never say no to those things).  Instead, he did it with small things.  He works a sporadic schedule- which is cool in one instance because my online job lets me be online on instant messanger whenever I want to be.  So, literally the day after our first official date, he sent me a virtual mixtape via youtube links all day long.

You see- Schatz is like a music genius.  Okay, not in the sense that he writes or plays music. But he has a memory for music and has a song for any occasion.  But I had never ever had a guy put together that oft seen in movies trick of a mixtape.  I can tell you why it’s used so often- because it works.

And that’s how our silly love affair started, with wonderful songs sent to me on a cold winter day. Laying the foundation for feeling like the princess in his world.  My Schatz is amazing.



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