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Flipping over my Flip

A few weeks ago, a colleague found a great deal on TigerDirect for a Flip.  I decided for $30, I’d give it a shot.  Finally got a chance to use it to create a message for Schatz that I’ll be loading onto the iPod I got for him.  I wanted him to have something he could play whenever he was down at work and looking for some cheering up.   He hates the job that he’s got because he’s stuck in basically a hen house a majority of the day. Right now, his biggest escape is running to the library and sending me an email throughout the day.  Hopefully, having an iPod that he can use to tune out the bickering and questions about our relationship (inappropriate-bordering on sexual harassment) will help keep him sane, while he continues to look for another job.

Anyway- so excited because my little video- while just a start, turned out awesome!  Can’t wait to play with this on vacation.

How do you keep your honey happy and cheerful in their job?  What does your honey do to keep you happy?


Waiting-the hardest part…

Warning:This blog is going to take an emotional roller coaster thanks to the crazy events that are currently happening in my life.  If I keep myself busy with other activities (I finally finished a craft project inspired by Pinterest- so I’ll be talking about that later this week to lighten the mood) I can easily forget what’s going on with my Dad.  If I have too much time to let my mind wander, especially while commuting, I start to really loose the battle of staying strong. Hopefully, putting this into words will help me with the struggle.

I’m going to put this behind a cut, with a warning that I am talking about potential cancer diagnosis.  If you or someone you love is fighting cancer, this may be a sensative topic, and since I’m on a blogroll, I want you to be prepared.

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