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Thirsty Thursday- Pheasant Hallow Midnight Medley

So I think I’ve decided that Thursdays are going to be wine reviews.  I love wine- wine is delicious and amazing.
I’m going to start with a little known wine, that a friend from college recommended.  It’s called Midnight Medley and it’s from a small winery in Southern Illinois called Pheasant Hallow Winery.

The winery is a rustic little place with a gorgeous fireplace for the winter.

Midnight Medley according to their website is: “A pleasant semi-sweet blend of strawberry, raspberry, and black cherry.”

The wine, in my opinion is definitely on the sweet side of semi-sweet (but that is typical of most wines from Southern Illinois).  It is great chilled or room temperature and perfect for summer barbecues.  While this wine cannot be found in most stores, if you can find somewhere close to you that sells it, I highly recommend checking it out.


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