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Recipes and Last meals

I really want to thank everyone for their kind words in regards to my post yesterday.  Since I promised I was going to try and be as authentic as possible that meant that if I felt like I have to write about it, than that is what I do.  This blog is for me to really be me and to make sure that I am being true to myself and what I am feeling and want to talk about. Schatz has a blog (at my urging) and he is so confident and unselfconscious in his blogging that he posts right then and there on Facebook.  It’s one of the things I love about him.

But on to less depressing topics-

So- I’m sure many of you have Pinterest accounts (and if you don’t- you need to find a friend who does and get yourself all up on that site).  Pinterest is a social sharing application that allows you to browse and capture whatever your heart desires in an image heavy way.

For me, I use Pinterest primarily to sort recipes that I find in my day job wandering the blogs of the internet. And today’s NaBloPoMo prompt revolves around what your last meal would be if you could have it.  While I always dislike this question, because really- I’m much more swayed by moods or food types than I am a particular meal.  Maybe I just haven’t met that one true love of a particular food item.  Or maybe it’s that I love too many of them to choose (I’d prefer to go with the latter- because let’s face it.  Food is too delicious not to enjoy).  At any rate, I do know that a main course would have to include soup of some sort.  One of my favorites I found on Pinterest is a recipe that mirrors my favorite soup from the Olive Garden (where I no longer eat, because I’ve gone Gluten Free).

The amazing recipe was found on Annie’s Eats and was just as delicious as the in restaurant version.  Here’s a link to her wonderful site and pictures of the soup.

I would also make my favorite brownies of all time, which also happen to be Gluten Free.  The week I decided to go GF, my mom happened to see this recipe on the Steven and Chris Show.  We made them that weekend, and that gave me the courage to know I could go GF and still have yummy chocolaty baked goodness.
These two items would likely be on my menu for a last meal…


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